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About JCR Grafix
JCR Grafix is a custom printing and Web Design company based in Central Pa. We are your full service Graphics company offering you custom Web sites or logos for your club, organization, non profit, start up companies, sports team, large or small business. We will help you as much as you need through your entire project: from concepts to final presentation and everything in between. We service just about anywhere in the USA and Canada, some other countries as well, contact us for details and rates.
Remember when good ol' customer service was the norm? When businesses actually cared about providing a high quality service? Seems like it's hard to find that personal attention that is lacking today? At JCR Grafix, we strive to be that business and are ready to provide you with personal attention on every transaction, giving you high quality designs and web sites at lower prices. You will be pleasantly surprised that our prices are lower than most Web Design companies. Whether you have a 2 page site or just a logo or a 50+ page Corporate website, we give all our clients the same individual attention and superb customer service you deserve.
Another thing about us is that we try to be a 'fun' company. Now, this dosen't mean that we slack off or have ping pong tables set up in our office or anything like that - it just means that we would like you to have a pleasurable, and hopefully memorable, experience with us - be it when you visit our website, or when you actually deal with us in person. This is especially important to us, because a lot of our business comes by word-of-mouth from our past customers.
We will utilize different hosting companies for your websites, we do have a one we prefer over others that has a 99.99% uptime. So what does that mean for you? It is very simple, it means you will not have to worry about you website going down and customers, clients or members not being able to access your site. Also the hosting company we use has state of the art upgraded servers, so therefor there is no lag time on your site from loading one page to the next. Visitors to your site will really enjoy having landed on a clean, crisp, fast loading site.

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